Tom DiNapoli’s Record

From the moment he took office, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has been committed to protecting taxpayer dollars by fighting corruption and waste, and safeguarding retirees' pensions.

Tom DiNapoli’s record includes:

Took bold steps to protect the state pension fund from climate change, adopted a climate action plan and transitioned to net zero greenhouse has emissions by 2040

Exposed corruption, fraud and theft of taxpayer dollars resulting in nearly 300 arrests and more than $80 million in recovery

Created the Joint Task Force on Public Integrity with the Attorney General's office, a partnership resulting in the recovery of millions of dollars and arrests of dozens of state and local officials and contractors who stole or misused public funds

Championed legislation to toughen penalties for those officials who abuse the public trust by creating new felony level offense and increased penalties

Grew state pension fund to an audited historic high of 272.1 Billion, with one of the strongest funded ratios in the nation, according to Pew Charitable Trusts

Used shareholder influence to press companies to address climate change, to tackle the lack of diversity on corporate boards and to expand the talent pool to more fully include women and minorities

Developed a leading program on Emerging Managers to provide opportunities for women and minority asset managers to partner with the New York State Common Retirement Fund

Created an innovative Fiscal Stress Monitoring System to measure local government financial conditions to inform taxpayers about what's happening in their own communities

Conducted a first-ever school accountability initiative to audit every school district and BOCES in New York State on a rotating cycle

Uncovered widespread abuse of special education funds by private contractors and pushed for new oversight of special education providers

Advocated for real, comprehensive campaign finance reform, including public financing of elections for all statewide and legislative elections to reduce the influence of money on government

On these issues and more, Tom has proven to be an effective, responsible and progressive steward of the Office of State Comptroller. There’s more work to do to keep New York moving forward. That’s why we need Tom to keep working for us as our State Comptroller.

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